KWLUG Meeting: Monday, 06 November 2006

It's a festival of graphics presentations this month!

Monday, 6 November 2006
Presentation Topic

blender 3D modelling and animation

Chris (et fil) will demonstrate the Blender 3D modelling package and some of the animated results of Blender.

Presentation Topic

Photomanipulation with The GIMP

In Part One Richard will discuss and demonstrate a few of the many capabilities of the GIMP (Gnu Image Manipulation Programs). We'll look at

  • layers,
  • contrast enhancement,
  • red-eye reduction
  • and expensive wedding photo cliches.

In Part Two we delve deeper into the GIMP and look at other photo-manipulation techniques.

  • Fun with banknotes.
  • Building an alibi: add yourself to a photo.
  • On-line dating or how to put your face on the body of a celebrity.
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