[kwlug-announce] Meeting Monday: Krita, Homelab Tour

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Sat Aug 7 00:25:25 EDT 2021

Are we still on our "unusual hobbies" kick? You bet we are. Our first
presentation this month is all about the unusual hobby of... visual
art. In a quasi-sequel to Rocco Commisso's May presentation that
focused on Blender and touched on Krita, this month we will have Kyle
Murphy focus on Krita and touch on Blender. Krita is a powerful
digital painting program, and can be used to produce some pretty great
art. Kyle will give us the Krita tour, share some tips and techniques,
and show us how he incorporates Krita artworks into video games.

Our second presentation is from Bob B, whose pandemic hobby is his
homelab -- a rack full of old servers he lovingly curates and hooks
together. Bob will give us an interactive tour of his setup, including
some cool tools for managing his network and monitoring how
much electricity all the servers in his basement are using up. (Say
what you want about the homelab enthusiasts, but /r/homelab is an
amazing resource for those of us trying to get donated servers

These presentations will begin around 7pm, after we make announcements
and solicit future presentations. 

Speaking of which: we really could use some future presentations. We
have a few tentative offers in the pipeline, but nothing is confirmed
for September or later. We have had many requests, though: for
presentations on ransomware/security, home automation, static CMSes,
and more. We also love presentations on projects you have put
together, languages/software you are enthusiastic about, and
beginner-friendly introductions to free software topics. If you have
interest in presenting, please get in touch (by emailing me or using
the contact functionality at https://kwlug.org ). 

Once again, our August meeting will be held on BigBlueButton:


As usual, there will be no passcode. 

- Paul
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