[kwlug-announce] Meeting Monday: Joplin, Curv (April 2021)

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Fri Apr 2 21:22:52 EDT 2021

Surprise again! Although Monday is Easter it is not an official
statutory holiday, so we can collectively nurse our chocolate bunny
hangovers with a couple of great presentations. 

In our beginner-friendly presentation, John Kerr will show us how to
keep our lives in sync using Joplin.  Joplin is a note-taking and todo
manager app that can sync across many devices. Notes are written in
Markdown, can be searched, and can be synchronized using proprietary
services (Dropbox, OneDrive) or FLOSS tools (NextCloud, WebDAV

Then we will have an update on the Curv programming language by its
founder Doug Moen. Curv is a mathematical, functional programming
language for making geometric art, and Doug has decided it is time for
a rewrite and rearchitecture. Doug will share with us some thoughts
about his programming language and its redesign.

As always, we are on the hunt for new presentations, so if you or
somebody you know has been doing something interesting in the open
source space get in touch. You can talk about things you are building,
share something you have learned about recently, or offer to present
something as motivation for you to learn that thing by the time you
present. (You might be surprised at how often that happens.) 

This month's meeting will start at 7pm, on our online home:


(Here's something weird: I find BBB meetings less stressful than Zoom
ones. Am I just biased? Not having my entire desktop overtaken by a
full-screen of some PowerPoint when somebody shares their screen is a
factor, but it's kind of nice to avoid video-based presentations
sometimes. So if you have been avoiding KWLUG because "ugh. More
Zoom.." then you might be pleasantly surprised, or maybe I am just
marketing to you?)

- Paul
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