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Fri May 30 12:48:59 EDT 2014

Yes, they are continuing the audit.  I saw the announcement this morning. 

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Not having a viable option for Windows leaves a great big gaping hole
in the ecosystem for us. Furthermore migrating is going to be a huge
pain, because it took a lot of work to teach people the TrueCrypt UI,
and now we have to find something else. 

I am not worried about the Linux side that much (although I have used
Truecrypt there as well). It's the Windows side that is sketchy.

Bitlocker might be an option but we would have to upgrade all of our
machines to Win7 Enterprise, which sucks since we just did a mass

I am looking at the alternatives, but it is hard to figure out what to
use. You really want to be careful about your encryption software.
(Obviously we were not careful enough in relying on Truecrypt.) I hope
a clear alternative approaches so that we can all migrate to it until
it too disappears in a cloud of uncertainty.

I wonder whether this means whether the audit will continue?

- Paul 

On Thu, May 29, 2014 at 10:51:56AM -0400, CrankyOldBugger wrote:
> We use Bitlocker at work.  I don't like it and of course I don't trust
> Microsoft.  If you run into disk errors Bitlocker can be a major pain.
> If you go to alternativeto.net/software/truecrypt, there are a few
> alternatives to TrueCrypt but none of them come anywhere near TrueCrypt in
> terms of user votes.
> Personally I'll be sad if there's no more TrueCrypt for Windows as I use it
> regularly on one of my boxes.


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