[kwlug-disc] Add a social link block to the website

Andrew Sullivan Cant acant at alumni.uwaterloo.ca
Thu May 22 23:48:46 EDT 2014

> You might:
> - append something to the welcome blurb ... You can also find us at ...
> - append something to the contact us page.

Good ideas I'll add it to these locations as well.

> - not sure it needs to be on every page. Can see why you didn't put it
> in a footer. It's a long way to it on that first page.

I think that it does, since someone could enter the site at any page and
we would want them to see how they could subscribe.

Which now that I think of it this should probably be named "Subscribe"
and include links to the RSS feed and the mailing list.

> It'd be nice if we could amalgamate or mirror stuff or something.
> Cross-pollinate? Wherever it is we want to funnel people towards the
> official channels, whatever that may be.
> If there's something I can / should do for the google+, I'm happy to do
> so, just let me know. Happy to make others managers if they're so
> interested.

I am hoping we can do something like that. Make KWLUG the canonical
location (with video/audio on Archive.org) and then syndicate things out
to where ever seems appropriate.


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