[kwlug-disc] Add a social link block to the website

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Mon May 19 04:13:32 EDT 2014

Just went there ... couldn't find it.

Hmm, maybe he put it under contact us ... mmm, nope, hold on, ok, up 
there in the right-hand corner.

i.e. I didn't notice it.

You might:
- append something to the welcome blurb ... You can also find us at ...
- append something to the contact us page.
- not sure it needs to be on every page. Can see why you didn't put it 
in a footer. It's a long way to it on that first page.

It'd be nice if we could amalgamate or mirror stuff or something. 
Cross-pollinate? Wherever it is we want to funnel people towards the 
official channels, whatever that may be.

If there's something I can / should do for the google+, I'm happy to do 
so, just let me know. Happy to make others managers if they're so 

On 14-05-19 12:03 AM, Andrew Sullivan Cant wrote:
> So Paul's questions on embedding and RSSing media from Archive.org has
> got me moving, at least a little bit.
> I just added our various social links to a block on kwlug.org. Please
> let me know if I have missed and locations which are setup.
> Comments or concerns?

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