[kwlug-disc] IEEE1394 dv import

Charles M chaslinux at gmail.com
Mon May 12 10:27:02 EDT 2014

I have a lot of video footage from Ontario Linux Fest and other open source
events on DV tapes that I recorded with my IEEE1394 camcorder. I used to
use Kino + dvgrab to import video from the camcorder, but I found that
since Pulseaudio became mainstream Kino has issues importing IEEE1394
video. Specifically it plays at light-speed and doesn't import correctly.

I could just use dvgrab by itself, but this means I have to import all the
video on the dv tape. What I liked about Kino was that as you were
importing it played a preview. dvgrab is command line and doesn't preview.

Is anyone using something else under Linux to import video, something with
IEEE1394 camera control as you're importing video?


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