[kwlug-disc] mutt-compatible mail client

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Sun May 11 07:33:13 EDT 2014

On 14-05-11 06:42 AM, Paul Nijjar wrote:
(I guess my privacy is a small price
> to pay for "free" email?)

I suspect your perception that you have privacy, 'even' with yahoo, is 
likely inaccurate. But I don't know that with certainty.

I remember your comments surrounding your switch to yahoo, after a 
diligent search of what's out there. e.g. sdf. I can understand not 
wanting to repeat the experience of migrating. e.g. Look at what John K. 
has been going through un/resubscribing to things with his e-mail 
address change.

I have used gmx.com in the past, if that's useful. I've been with 
easydns for, like, forever, and with last renewal started using their 
easymail, seamlessly. FWIW. (dnspro) Yet I also have gmail. (And many 
others, but they all forward to gmail. Seems many like the gmail spam 

 From your next note, it seems you found the yahoo server itself doing 
the rejection, so at least you may find yourself not unsubscribed (for 
bouncing) from some lists, as they aren't getting that far.

If I understand this thread and the article correctly, (1) Yahoo is not 
doing anything unreasonable (?) in tightening up 'security' / trying to 
reduce spam - the issue is the regimen itself breaking long time working 
(various) mail list mechanisms? (2) If it is the yahoo server now 
rejecting the message (but not to kwlug???), then should you not see the 
same breakage if you send to yourself? [From your message, it sounds 
like the yahoo servers are putting on the dkim signature, not your mail 
client, and if that's true it shouldn't matter to whom you're sending?]

- do you have a non-Yahoo from: on the messages that are breaking?

Sorry for your pain. Is it possible, given how many are effected, that 
yahoo and/or others will address the issue themselves, and you just have 
to hold out until they do?

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