[kwlug-disc] Podcast, phase 01

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Wed May 7 12:07:52 EDT 2014

If anybody has specific pointers on how to do this I would be
grateful. Here are the requirements: 

- Allows me to (manually) enter archive.org URLs into a node
- Allows me to set up RSS feeds based on those nodes. Ideally I would
  have a feed for OGGs and for MP3s, because it is 2003 and I totally
  think that OGG is worth supporting.
- It needs to be a solution that can be implemented in Drupal 6 but
  will have a sane migration path to Drupal 7

I do not need to slurp anything from archive.org manually (especially
since I do not know how to get an RSS feed out of that service). 

Here is the best strategy I can think of so far: 

- Maybe using the emfield module to create appropriate CCK fields and
  allow streaming off of kwlug.org for each node
- Make a new content type of "podcast" that has fields for each of the
  file format containers I want to support in the feeds
- Set up a view that produces different RSS feeds. The big questions
  are whether I can set up different RSS feeds that have different
  enclosure elements (one for OGG, one for MP3), whether this RSS feed
  can be made "iTunes friendly" (whatever that means), and whether
  external enclosures will be handled properly.

I have been looking through the different modules but nothing looks
promising. There is https://drupal.org/project/ffpc but it looks
poorly maintained. Most of the documentation that is out there is for
really old versions of Drupal (apparently making podcast feeds was
awesome in Drupal 4.7)

- Paul

On Tue, May 06, 2014 at 11:26:54AM +0000, chaslinux at gmail.com wrote:
> Paul I believe there's a drupal module that could take care of podcasts and RSS feeds. 
> Blog: http://www.charlesmccolm.com/
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