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L.D. Paniak ldpaniak at fourpisolutions.com
Wed Jan 22 11:34:15 EST 2014

On 01/22/2014 11:29 AM, Jason Locklin wrote:
> On Wed 22 Jan 2014 01:48:38 AM EST, unsolicited wrote:
>> On 14-01-21 04:20 PM, Chris Frey wrote:
>>> On Mon, Jan 20, 2014 at 05:58:21PM -0500, Paul Nijjar wrote:
>>>> On Wed, Jan 15, 2014 at 09:27:46AM -0500, L.D. Paniak wrote:
>>>>> A quick overview of what makes "next-generation" filesystems like ZFS
>>>>> and btrfs different and necessary:
>>>>> http://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2014/01/bitrot-and-atomic-cows-inside-next-gen-filesystems/
> That article was the impetus for me to try it out for the first time 
> while rebuilding a home micro-server from an old netbook with a 8Gb SSD 
> (and broken screen). Turning on compression and running a "defragment" 
> brought my Debian install from about 1.8Gb down to under 600Mb, with no 
> obvious slow-down. Funny, it was the first time I have ever run a 
> defragment on a Linux system! Brings  me back to my Win ME days! lol.
> I figured it was a good place to start because at 8Gb, I can easily do 
> bare-metal backups in case I run into a fs bug. It has a bit of a 
> learning curve, so I'd suggest doing some reading before doing anything 
> fancy with it, but it's really exciting.
> -Jason Locklin
A couple of questions: which filesystem did you use and how much RAM is
in the system?  I am curious about how little compute/RAM is required to
make these advanced filesystems/features work effectively.

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