[kwlug-disc] Tomorrow's presentation; A Geekly Bribe!

Digimer lists at alteeve.ca
Sun Jan 5 21:40:11 EST 2014

I'm not sure how the weather will play out on tomorrow's meeting. If the 
roads are dangerous, I'd be perfectly fine rescheduling. Not worth 
anyone getting into an accident, of course. :)

If the talk is on though, I thought I'd try to bribe those sitting on 
the fence about whether to come or not. Thanks to our vendors, we've got 
some pretty awesome hardware for the demo tomorrow. Here's a sneak peak:


It is, thus far, the fastest Anvil! we've built. Synchronously 
replicated storage reliably clocking ~835 MB/sec. I know I am all biased 
and stuff, but it's a pretty sweet setup and I am looking forward to 
showing it off tomorrow.

If anyone wants to come with some questions, the talk's goal will be to 


Obviously, we'll only be getting a high-level view, simply out of time. 
So here's a chance to take a peak at it early and come with any 
questions. I'm hoping that the talk will be about 50% demo, 50% Q&A.

See you all (hopefully) tomorrow!

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