[kwlug-disc] Dropping Bell, Phase 5

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Depending on the usage WInd seems to be the best bet for cell service. They are only good in cities. There is a big spot between Kitchener and Toronto where roaming charges can really add up.

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Well the satellite TV is now gone (I have receivers for sale cheap!) and the home phone is in the process of being ported to Ooma, so that leaves me with only one more Bell product to dump: Wifeski's cellphone.

What recommendations for non-Bell and non-Rogers cellphone providers do you guys have?
She is a low-volume cellphone user, mostly just calls home like "how do I find Suchandsuch Street?"  She texts a little bit as well.  Data is optional, but not necessary.

She'd like to keep her current cell phone as she likes the slide out keyboard.
I'm on Telus myself, so there's an advantage to having her account merged in with mine, but I'm open to suggestions on a smaller provider like those guys who have kiosks in the mall if they have an unbeatable deal.

I've gone through the various company websites and I'm familiar with the pricing structures, etc., but I was wondering if you guys had really good or really bad experiences with any of the smaller companies like Koodoo, Solo or Wind or whatever.

By the way, now that the satellite TV is gone, I'm seriously considering Western Digital's Live TV box for Wifeski's TV.  It looks pretty good, and as far as I can tell it's the best device for streaming the stuff I have already downloaded to my servers, whereas devices like Roku or Chromecast seem intent on selling you monthly subscriptions to Netflix, etc.  I'll keep you guys informed as this progresses.

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