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On Sun, Apr 27, 2014 at 8:20 PM, unsolicited <unsolicited at swiz.ca> wrote:

> Kewl! Thank you!
> What ... no YouTube video of you on the roof! Where's the fun in that!

Yeah, I missed that, since I didn't have my phone with me ...

> One little detail ... which way would you say the thing is 'facing'?
> Mostly North, North East, ???

Using my phone's compass, it says 125 degrees, South East. That is relative
to magnetic north, not true north of course.

Interesting thing is that TV Fool says 86 degrees for CN Tower (i.e.
channels CBLT and CBLTF ), and 122 degrees for the Hamilton channels (CHCH,
CHCJ), but ~125 was the best for all of them.

/me shrugs ...

> Hmmm. Since there's no video ... pretty sure Paul would be willing to find
> you a meeting spot some time. You could reenact the roof walk ...

I'd rather not.

It was miserable with the wind and sun (roof too hot to sit on, wind too
strong and made my hands sore from holding onto the mast [squeegee
handle]). Plus all the puzzles about "where and how would I anchor this
thing without damaging the tiles, or siding".

> On 14-04-27 07:41 PM, Khalid Baheyeldin wrote:
>> Followup on followups ...
>> The latest attempt, and the one I will probably settle on, is this Philips
>> antenna.
>> http://www.bestbuy.ca/en-CA/product/philips-philips-
>> amplified-indoor-outdoor-antenna-sdv8625t-sdv8625t-27/10179331.aspx
>> It is the same as the one that I tried before, but a little bit bigger,
>> and
>> 4 dB more.
>> It was $40 off, so final price is $50. So, $3 cheaper than its little
>> brother (from Philips as well) sold at Walmart.
>> With it, I can get the following channels, stable and clear.
>> Real Virtual Call Sign Network
>>   20   5       CBLT      CBC Toronto
>> 17   6       CIII      Global
>> 13   13      CKCO      CTV
>> 15   11      CHCH      From Hamilton
>> 25   25      CBLTF     CBC Toronto French
>> 28   28      CICO      TVO
>> 35   35      CHCJ      CTV Barrie
>> 36   36      CITS      From Hamilton
>> The two on and off ones from the other antenna are now coming in clearly,
>> and one more (CBC French).
>> Now, here is the interesting part:
>> After monkeying around for 3 hours on the roof, including finding ways to
>> go up safely, coordinating with the SO for tuning the TV while I move the
>> antenna, ...etc. I got the above list, plus a glimpse of CJMT (Omni 2,
>> channel 40) but it did not get a consistent picture even.
>> After the above experiment, on a whim, I said I will experiment by the
>> backyard fence. And to my surprise, I got all the above channels clear as
>> day!
>> Here is a picture (with apologies to your neck). Yes, this is a squeeze
>> extension you see there, tied with old speaker wire. A temporary setup
>> until I buy a mast, proper cable and clamps.
>> http://i.imgur.com/iBHh0uv.jpg
>> And no need to worry about driving screws in the roof or the side of the
>> house, and easier adjustment if it gets misaligned, ...etc.
>> Bye bye Rogers!
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