[kwlug-disc] trimming posts

John Johnson jvj at golden.net
Tue Apr 22 08:13:24 EDT 2014

On 2014-04-22 04:41, unsolicited wrote:
> Not using signatures is part of that.

I am old school.

And I think that, in many cases, but not all, a certain degree of 
decorum or protocol should be employed, even if not always welcome.

I think that, where a missive is intended for a specific person, a 
salutation is a "nice touch".
The saluation need not be any more than the person's name - so as not to 
waste time or space.
A message, like this one, intended for a group, need not have a salutation.

Similarly, in my view, a signature or valediction (thanks Wikipedia) or 
closing, is also "nice touch".
And again, the closing can be minimal - so as not to waste time or space.

In the Wikipedia descriptions of the Salutation and Valediction, the 
terms are said to express respect for the intended audience.
(With this, I am not suggesting the negative.)

Further, with a medium that is as dry as textual email, I see the 
Salutation and Valediction as a way to add a bit of my personality to 
the message.

John Johnson -- who admits to plagiarizing when he sees a good idea

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