[kwlug-disc] TV Listings? (zap2it prettified into uselessness)

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Mon Apr 7 22:31:45 EDT 2014

May be off-topic ... except it was here that I learned about zap2it.com.

The twits have now recently gone and prettified up their web site into 

I used to be able to hit 'this week' (and 'next week') and get a 
schedule (favourite shows and channels only, even), by which to program 
the PVR / make sure they haven't mucked with the schedule (YET AGAIN!). 

Anyone have alternative web sites with tv listings, at least by week, 
narrowed by favourite (available) channels, favourite (designated) 
shows, and provider (Rogers - Grand River, non-digital, although 
tvpassport lists one as 'digital' and the other as 'digital - digital')?

I've come across tvpassport.com (does as much as zap2it now), and 
various sites that lead to it. And 
http://entertainment.ca.msn.com/tv/listings - but that doesn't even 
bring up a grid (but had favourite shows).

Nothing that suits the given criteria. Suggestions?

(Offline a candidate too, I just don't know of any.)

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