[kwlug-disc] Google Hangouts (now?) a Skype killer?

Khalid Baheyeldin kb at 2bits.com
Wed Sep 25 18:09:13 EDT 2013

For months after I upgraded, I could not get Skype to work.

But, now it is installed, as evidenced by:

# dpkg -l | grep skype
ii skype client for Skype VOIP and instant
messaging service
ii skype-bin:i386 client for Skype VOIP and
instant messaging service - binary files

# arch

Here are the commands I used to get it to installed, from my shell history:

aptitude install skype (lots of dependencies and conflicts)
apt-get install skype (works)

On Wed, Sep 25, 2013 at 3:31 PM, unsolicited <unsolicited at swiz.ca> wrote:

> [THANK YOU KHALID! But no joy - same thing. And this was even with treat
> recommends as required turned off, in aptitude when I tried before.]
> Let us know how it goes (Linux / Hangouts) please.
> I've only barely poked my finger in Hangouts, once, windows. Not Linux yet.
> But I have been playing with quite a number of sip softphones, both Linux
> and Windows, recently. Linux seems to consistently do better than Windows,
> strangely, but all have been rather ... broken.
> (And Win XP better than Win 7, even.)
> [Strange only in that device wise Windows has often been more solid than
> Linux. Not this time. Software wise it's not strange that Linux does
> better.]
> On 13-09-25 02:03 PM, CrankyOldBugger wrote:
>> I hate Skype for no other reason that the amount of spam I get with it.
>>   Everyday there's some hot girl from some country I've never heard of
>> begging to be my friend.  I know some of you guys get this in real life
>> all
>> the time, but in Skype it's annoying!
>> So I welcome a replacement for Skype.
>> Installing the Hangout extensions now, thanks for pointing them out.
>> On 25 September 2013 13:44, unsolicited<unsolicited at swiz.**ca<unsolicited at swiz.ca>>
>>  wrote:
>>  Google talk (xabber) notifications have now been showing up in Hangouts
>>> on
>>> my Android phone.
>>> I see in Chrome (extension and app) that Hangouts can now call landlines.
>>> (A for fee service with Skype.)
>>> Has Hangouts become a Skype killer?
>>> (Have never been able to install Skype on my 64-bit Kubuntu 12.04 LTS -
>>> it
>>> wants to add a zillion i386 packages / remove a bunch of current ones.
>>> I'm
>>> hoping my next install, probably SuSe will avoid that. Thus has Google /
>>> Chrome / Hangouts become more ubiquitous than Skype?)
>>> Does YouTube and Hangouts now overlap? To what extent?
>>> Not suggesting it be used for kwlug meetings, but it seems that people
>>> are
>>> using Hangouts for meetings / presentations, not just video calls.
>>> Convergence?
>>> (Avoidance of Skype / MS / 3rd party on ChromeBooks?)
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