[kwlug-disc] Trying out some additional material on past meeting pages...

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Tue Sep 17 01:25:50 EDT 2013

On Sun, Sep 15, 2013 at 04:50:17PM -0400, Andrew Sullivan Cant wrote:
> Other things that I am thinking about:
> - add a block for links to other locations (google+, linkined,
> mailing list, twitter, etc.)
> - do an SEO review of the site, to make sure that it is findable
> And a question: does anyone blog on kwlug.org? I am wondering if it
> might make sense to remove the functionality and instead aggregate
> members FLOSS related blogs.

A few people post things from time to time. Honestly, I think that it
would be wisest to: 

- remove the registration links, since new KWLUG users almost never
  need the functionality, but they register anyways thinking that this
  is how to become part of the community
- Remove the FLOSS Fund stuff if we feel that is an idea that has run
  its time
- Remove the Suggested/Requested topics. This is still relevant, but
  people do not use it. The existing entries are very old. (I still
  would like Chris Irwin to give his presentation on migrating config
  files, though. In fact a bunch of those presentations look good.) 

> >>> The problem is that this is / becomes YAPU - Yet Another Place
> to Update.
> Agreed and duplication is bad, and automated as much as possible is best.
> But does our own website count as YAPU? I would think it should be
> the hub for any meeting, and should link out to related resources?
> (e.g., videos which we don't want to host ourselves or presenters
> websites/resources)

I agree that our website is not a YAPU for meeting related material.
It is the canonical (sorry) place that look to when I am trying to
remember what presentations are scheduled, or what we presented in the

- Paul 

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