[kwlug-disc] Anyone experience Android (GB) SIP (CSipSimple) conflicts with Phone (Cell)?

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Sat Sep 14 17:19:30 EDT 2013

Somewhere along the line, my Samsung SGH-I927R (Captivate S Glide) 
GB Android, started freezing on phone calls.

Seems to me it started some time after installing CSipSimple months ago 
(but seldom used, then), but I don't know / can't prove that.

Could be something else, for all I know.

Anyone ever experienced similar freezing issues? With SIP?

How might I go about sleuthing out the cause?

Also: Anyone know how to not have an incoming call's callerid 
overwritten by a contact entry? (Let the incoming callerid pass through, 
rather than using the display name in contacts.)


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