[kwlug-disc] wwitpro unregistered

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Sun Oct 27 03:37:30 EDT 2013

Just heard back from Terry privately. (Thanks Paul.)

He knows the DNS registration ball got dropped by someone somehow along 
the way, and steps have already been taken to rectify it. I gather he's 
held the name OK and the process of repointing / reupdating is under 
way. i.e. Presumably within a few days this will all be history - just 
need the DNS processes to finish working their way through the system.

In the mean time, if he sends me the IP, I'll report here.

On 13-10-27 02:38 AM, unsolicited wrote:
> Yep. So, my guess is it expired and is in a auto-hold at the moment,
> thus the results you found. i.e. Terry has to begin a 'get it back'
> recovery process. Or he's in the midst of being poached / held hostage.
> - if it was Terry that renewed, it would be pointing somewhere useful.
> In the mean time, publishing the server's ip address would be useful -
> at least some functionality for some would be possible.
> - the mapping could be put in one's hosts file for the moment, and they
> can get on with their day as usual.
> And making sure he knows via some other communications channel.
> On 13-10-27 12:38 AM, Digimer wrote:
>> On 27/10/13 00:10, unsolicited wrote:
>>> Perhaps just me / my glitchy network ...
>>> Looks like wwitpro.com went unregistered yesterday.
>>> Terry sent out an event announcement the 23rd. (4 days ago.)
>>> I sent an e-mail to Terry ... then realized he's not going to get it if
>>> the @wwitpro.com domain ain't registered ...
>>> If someone has another e-mail address or phone number for him you might
>>> give him a heads up.
>>> Especially if he's expecting people to be able to register for the
>>> Monday event.
>> The whois record says it's good until Oct. 20, 2015, but it's showing
>> ns{1,2}.nolongeruseddomain.com...
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