[kwlug-disc] wwitpro unregistered

Bob Jonkman bjonkman at sobac.com
Sun Oct 27 02:45:31 EDT 2013

The site was already dead when Terry sent the e-mail -- I tried to
register as soon as I received it. Someone may be able to get his
attention through his Trios College e-mail address, if he has one.  The
Trios College website's contact info has an "email form", but it's
really a web form with no e-mail at all...


On 13-10-27 02:38 AM, unsolicited wrote:
> Yep. So, my guess is it expired and is in a auto-hold at the moment,
> thus the results you found. i.e. Terry has to begin a 'get it back'
> recovery process. Or he's in the midst of being poached / held hostage.
> - if it was Terry that renewed, it would be pointing somewhere useful.
> In the mean time, publishing the server's ip address would be useful -
> at least some functionality for some would be possible.
> - the mapping could be put in one's hosts file for the moment, and they
> can get on with their day as usual.
> And making sure he knows via some other communications channel.
> On 13-10-27 12:38 AM, Digimer wrote:
>> On 27/10/13 00:10, unsolicited wrote:
>>> Perhaps just me / my glitchy network ...
>>> Looks like wwitpro.com went unregistered yesterday.
>>> Terry sent out an event announcement the 23rd. (4 days ago.)
>>> I sent an e-mail to Terry ... then realized he's not going to get it if
>>> the @wwitpro.com domain ain't registered ...
>>> If someone has another e-mail address or phone number for him you might
>>> give him a heads up.
>>> Especially if he's expecting people to be able to register for the
>>> Monday event.
>> The whois record says it's good until Oct. 20, 2015, but it's showing
>> ns{1,2}.nolongeruseddomain.com...
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