[kwlug-disc] Password manager

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Sat Oct 26 18:08:12 EDT 2013

It is time for me to use a password manager. I am running Debian. 

Using an encrypted text file is one option. A Truecrypt share that
stores a textfile is another. I neither need nor want many fancy
features, but the ability for me to copy and paste passwords is
important. (Having the password manager autofill passwords is not.) 

I do want the ability to have freeform notes associated with

I can deal with a GUI if it is lightweight. Something that is able to
run in the console is better. 

Starting up the password manager should be straightforward (which is a
strike against encrypted text files, which typically require multiple
steps and leave traces of plaintext everywhere). 

I have seen (but not tried) the following: 

- keepassx 
- keepass2 (needs giant Mono libraries?)
- mypasswordsafe (not in wheezy)
- password-gorilla 
- fpm2 
- kedpm

I am concerned about the safety of the password programs. I imagine
that auditing password managers is important? 

I recognise that my desires are different than yours, but if you have
suggestions about what I should use then that would be helpful. 
KeePass is probably the leader in terms of popularity; fpm2 or kedpm
seem simpler.

- Paul

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