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Mon Oct 21 16:29:35 EDT 2013

FWIW - friends recently got Bell's FibeTV (long story, apparently 
continuing - lightning strike, things blowed up REAL good).

Although one's impression might be it's FTTH, apparently it's actually 
FTTN. (Perhaps depends upon the neighbourhood?)

Any reason to believe any Wightman effort would actually be FTTH? 
Trenching for such would seem to be a major cost impediment to pricing 
being disruptive.

Or would it only be a limited rollout, more commercial than residential?

On 13-10-21 02:32 PM, Cedric Puddy wrote:
> Wightman is good people (I've worked with them in the past through a
> subcontract, and also use their services at a bunch offices we
> support out that way), so them having a presence in town would be of
> interest.
> Whether they are able to get the access they need to provide FTTH at
> the sort of disruptive pricing they've accomplished on their home
> turf is a great question, and if they can, it'll be a great win for
> the consumers in KW.
> -Cedric
> On 2013-10-21, at 2:26 PM, Colin Mackay<zixiekat at gmail.com>  wrote:
>> So apparently Wightman telecom is opening an office in Kitchener.
>> From a few friends I know in Listowel, they offer FTTH, which
>> includes internet, TV and phone.
>> Not sure if this means they'll be rolling it out in K/W anytime
>> soon (I've emailed them to inquire), but if so, it might be a nice
>> service.  From what I've heard it is rather low latency and
>> apparently uses the MS IPTV protocol for TV, which works with
>> MythTV.
>> Just thought I'd throw that out there.
>> -Colin
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