[kwlug-disc] Introduction: OpenSCAD

Bob Jonkman bjonkman at sobac.com
Sun Oct 20 19:23:45 EDT 2013

Andrew Sullivan Cant wrote:
> We can poll the room at the beginning of the meeting for interest in
> a [insert unknown topic here] presentation

That happened at the last meeting.  Paul asked "Who's interested in a
[???] presentation?"  I didn't raise my hand because I didn't even know
what [???] was, and it took me some time to figure out if I even
understood the words. By the time I realized that here was a gap in
knowledge that needed to be filled, the meeting had moved on.  I should
have said something at the time...

So, yes, I'd be interested in an OpenSCAD presentation, because I don't
even know what it is.  And if Paul remembers what [???] presentation he
was offering, I'd like to retroactively vote in favour of that one too.

Really, I'd like to think there are no topics that are uninteresting to
everyone. If someone is willing to present, then there's at least that
one person interested. I probably learn something new both from topics
that I'm arrogant enough to believe I understand completely, as well as
topics where I don't even understand the words.


On 13-10-20 05:16 PM, Andrew Sullivan Cant wrote:
> Marius,
> I hope you open house went well! If/when you do make it to KWLUG,
> please say hello. We can poll the room at the beginning of the
> meeting for interest in an OpenSCAD presentation.
> All the best, Andrew
> On Tue Oct  8 22:23:02 2013, Marius Kintel wrote:
>> On 2013-10-06, at 17:05 PM, Andrew Sullivan Cant 
>> <acant at alumni.uwaterloo.ca> wrote:
>>> (P.S.: Would you have any interest in doing an OpenSCAD
>>> presentation? I'd be very interested, and I suspect others would
>>> be too.)
>> There is a 3D Printer meetup at Kwartzlab on Thursday, where I'll 
>> briefly introduce OpenSCAD: 
>> http://www.kwartzlab.ca/2013/10/3d-printer-meetup-and-open-house-thursday-october-10-7-10pm/
I'm planning to offer an OpenSCAD workshop (more hands-on) and
>> possibly a more one-to-many OpenSCAD presentation if there is
>> interest.
>> In any case, feel free to drop by on Thursday and chat. One day
>> I'll make it to a KWLUG meeting as well :)
>> Cheers,
>> -Marius

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