[kwlug-disc] Trying out some additional material on past meeting pages...

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Sun Oct 6 22:19:03 EDT 2013

Has FLOSS Fund run its course? <sad eyes>

Not sure you want to lose the registration link, but I take your point 
that you might want to bury it a bit. (?) [Can't put anything up, like 
what your presentation is about, without registration. (?)]

Suggested/Requested - there needs to be some mechanism to find out what 
people might want. (I get you're saying this isn't / hasn't been 
effective, over time.) [Not much different than our suggestion boxes at 
OOTC - empty for +1 years.]

Social networking (link?) - there's nothing on the site about this now, 
right? You're talking about some form of something going forward, not 
for what's there right now, yes?

Is it just me, or has attendance levels at meetings stayed around the 
same, over time. Faces gradually appear / disappear, but about the same 
number of bodies? [Different than the list, of course - lots of long 
time meeting attendees 'fading' to just list listening.]

Keeping a web site fresh take time. And individuals only have so much 
time. Should such content maintenance be morphed into some sort of 
(sub-)group effort? i.e. Share the load / not overwhelming any one person?

On 13-10-06 04:36 PM, Andrew Sullivan Cant wrote:
>> - remove the registration links, since new KWLUG users almost never
>> need the functionality, but they register anyways thinking that this
>> is how to become part of the community
>> - Remove the FLOSS Fund stuff if we feel that is an idea that has run
>> its time
>> - Remove the Suggested/Requested topics. This is still relevant, but
>> people do not use it. The existing entries are very old. (I still
>> would like Chris Irwin to give his presentation on migrating config
>> files, though. In fact a bunch of those presentations look good.)
> I agree with these 3, and I have added them to my KWLUG todo list.
> In alternative to the registration links, I think that the social
> networking, mailing list, and eventually video channels should be more
> prominent.
> These are probably the right things to use to become part of the community.

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