[kwlug-disc] Trying out some additional material on past meeting pages...

Andrew Sullivan Cant acant at alumni.uwaterloo.ca
Sun Oct 6 16:36:16 EDT 2013

> - remove the registration links, since new KWLUG users almost never
>    need the functionality, but they register anyways thinking that this
>    is how to become part of the community
> - Remove the FLOSS Fund stuff if we feel that is an idea that has run
>    its time
> - Remove the Suggested/Requested topics. This is still relevant, but
>    people do not use it. The existing entries are very old. (I still
>    would like Chris Irwin to give his presentation on migrating config
>    files, though. In fact a bunch of those presentations look good.)

I agree with these 3, and I have added them to my KWLUG todo list.

In alternative to the registration links, I think that the social 
networking, mailing list, and eventually video channels should be more 
These are probably the right things to use to become part of the community.


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