[kwlug-disc] Evaluating webhosting

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Thu Oct 3 20:20:31 EDT 2013

I agree that self-hosting email is a pain, and since I am not going to
be supporting this person in her webhosting I have no intentions of
doing so. But other people are more used to the pain than me. I have
the feeling that some sysadmins are into pain, which may be a
conversation not appropriate for this list.

Government requirements may be a factor here, but some of the
regulations (eg keeping services hosted in Canada even though the
traffic will probably be routed through Chicago to be sniffed by the
NSA) can be misguided at best. 

- Paul 

On Thu, Oct 03, 2013 at 12:31:48PM -0400, Khalid Baheyeldin wrote:
> I want to iterate what has been said before that hosting your own email is
> not worth it. Better delegate that to someone like Google Apps, and not
> deal with blacklisting, spam, downtime, ...etc.
> That is, unless you have government requirements not to.

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