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Khalid Baheyeldin kb at 2bits.com
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Seems there are indeed such low cost hosting companies for dynamic web
sites using CMS like Drupal and WordPress.

A short while back, I helped a client who was also hosting for $10 PER
YEAR, and they had a Drupal site.


I want to iterate what has been said before that hosting your own email is
not worth it. Better delegate that to someone like Google Apps, and not
deal with blacklisting, spam, downtime, ...etc.

That is, unless you have government requirements not to.

On Thu, Oct 3, 2013 at 12:22 PM, Fadil Berisha <f.koliqi at gmail.com> wrote:

> My site g-lab.ca is wordpress based  and hosted with netfirms.ca They
> register dot ca and low cost hosting. Last year paid $10 per a year.
> Fadil Berisha
> g-lab.ca
> On Thu, Oct 3, 2013 at 9:21 AM, Fernando Duran <liberosec at yahoo.ca> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> My generic go-to web hosting companies are:
>> - Rimuhosting.com (good tech support if I may say since I worked there he)
>> - Rackspace (I'd say with Linode it's the standard VPS option, together
>> with AWS but Amazon is for more advanced needs)
>> - and recently DigitalOcean.com which has SSD disks (a quick test
>> revelaed a 10x faster write than regular disks), it's very cheap and they
>> seem to be growing very fast, which can be good or bad regarding
>> reliability (no long record).
>> For a small company that needs a bit/a lot of hand-holding I wouldn't
>> know what to recommend since good human support time is expensive and small
>> companies don't have a lot of money so requirements are kind of
>> contradictory, perhaps a local small IT company?
>> In this particular case of WP and email, there are specialized WP hosting
>> and also companies with point-and-click WP images provisioning.
>> Regarding email for a small company I'd suggest to outsource it (if owner
>> doesn't mind making things just a bit easier for NSA), to Gmail or
>> RackspaceMail for example. Basically you need uptime plus deliverability
>> and mail servers (esp. the big ones gmail/hotmail/yahoo) tend to drop to
>> the floor email messages from unknown mail servers.
>> Lastly, besides owning the domain name, it would be good in general to
>> have a recipe (in shell script, Ansible/puppet/chef/whatever) and off-side
>> (like Amazon's S3 etc) backups to be able to move the site quickly off to
>> another one if we're not happy with our hosting.
>> Cheers,
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>> Fernando Duran
>> http://www.fduran.com
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>> >T his is not really offtopic, since the desire is to do some Wordpress
>> > hosting, as well as some email. It may be a contentious topic, since
>> > there is so much choice (and I believe some people on this list offer
>> > webhosting services).
>> >
>> > Anyways, I was recently asked about webhosting for a business. The
>> > person in question has a simple Wordpress site and three email
>> > accounts. She has hosting already (with Clickhost) but is unhappy with
>> > them because their email went down for a week -- so reliability and
>> > security (whatever "security" means) are important to her. I am pretty
>> > sure she wants shared hosting, as opposed to colocation or a VPS. She
>> > just wants a website and email, not to be a sysadmin.
>> >
>> > I am kind of lost about what to tell her. There are so many hosting
>> > companies out there, and evaluating what ones are good (and what
>> > criteria to use in evaluating them) makes my head spin. Anecdotes and
>> > word of mouth are two tools for suggesting webhosts, but are there
>> > other ways to come to good decisions about this?
>> >
>> > - Paul
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