[kwlug-disc] Fw: [About KWLUG] Linux Format has forked - introducing Linux Voice!

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Wed Nov 27 10:29:24 EST 2013

 > I am interested in knowing whether these things are sufficiently
 > offtopic/spammy enough that I should keep them off the list.

Nothing I have seen would qualify.

I appreciate the light finger on the pulse they represent. I don't get 
out enough to have seen any of them. Although I may not be interested in 
the event, I do find it interesting that they, or stuff in the 
community, is out there.

It's not like any message has triggered a bevy of additional messages, 
and any such bevy would likely be list members discussing something that 
has caught their eye - at which point it has ceased to be 'spammy' and 
morphed into a topic of local interest / discussion. Meaning the 
original post wasn't spammy in the first place.

Good luck proving the negative.

If ever people do think it spammy, presumably those that do not could 
get such via RSS feed. Personally, from what I've seen, I'm perfectly 
happy to let you continue to do the filtering.

On 13-11-27 12:53 AM, Paul Nijjar wrote:
> This also came in through the website. It is definitely more related
> to Linux, although definitely less related to KW.
> I am interested in knowing whether these things are sufficiently
> offtopic/spammy enough that I should keep them off the list.
> - Paul
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> Andrew Gregory sent a message using the contact form at
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> Hello, Linux users of Kitchener-Waterloo,
> I'm writing to let you know that the editorial team behind Linux
> Format has quit, and is in the process of launching a rival Linux
> magazine called Linux Voice.
> http://www.linuxvoice.com/hello-linux-format-and-tuxradar-readers/
> Linux Voice will cover most of the same content as Linux Format,
> with many of the same writers, but it will be different in three key
> areas:
> 1/ We'll give 50% of our profits back to community groups and
> organisations supporting free software. Admittedly our profits won't
> be massive at first, but if we achieve even half the success that
> Linux Format did (and maybe we will after a couple of years) we'll
> be able to contribute quite a bit of cash.
> 2/ After no longer than 9 months, we'll relicense old content under
> the Creative Commons CC-BY-SA licence, so teachers, LUGs, students
> and anybody else can take, copy and improve upon our work for their
> own ends.
> 3/ We won't be owned by a bunch of hedge funds, like Linux Format is
> (http://www.futureplc.com/investors/major-shareholders/), so we'll
> be free from corporate interference. Free to do the best job we
> possibly can.
> If you could let your members know what we're doing, we'd be most
> grateful. And if anyone there is a Linux Format reader, please
> direct them to www.indiegogo.com/projects/linux-voice so they can see
> what we're up to.
> Thanks,
> Andrew Gregory, Linux Voice
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