[kwlug-disc] Preparing for the Keysigning on 2 December

Bob Jonkman bjonkman at sobac.com
Sun Nov 24 13:14:25 EST 2013

Hi Everyone: At the next KWLUG meeting I'm demonstrating how to do
e-mail encryption with Thunderbird and Enigmail.  If you've never used
e-mail encryption before then bring a laptop, and we'll create keys and
learn how to use them. We'll save the lesson with pointy sticks for
another day.

For those people who already have GnuPG/PGP keys I'm also hosting a
Formal Keysigning.  Participants will introduce themselves, read their
GnuPG key fingerprint, then anyone else is invited to vouch for that person:

 Bob: "I'm Bob Jonkman, and my GnuPG fingerprint is 04F7 742B 8F54 C40A
E115 26C2 B912 89B0 D2CC E5EA"

 Andrew: "I've known Bob since the early days, and that's really him"

This is a great way to expand your Web Of Trust to include people whose
keys you might not otherwise sign (because you don't know them very
well, or they only have ID issued by an authority you don't like). With
all these introductions and vouchings the chance of someone
misrepresenting their identity is vanishingly small, so you can trust
that the key fingerprint they read is really associated with that person.

To make this process go smoothly I'd like to have a printout of all the
participants' keyIDs, UIDs, and key fingerprints, which I'll distribute
at the keysigning.  That way you can just check off each
name/keyID/fingerprint as people read them, and then sign their keys
later at your leisure. But to get that printout I'll need the public key
of anyone who would like to participate in the keysigning.

If you're using Thunderbird and Enigmail then open the Key Management
window, right-click on your key and select "Send Public Keys by E-mail",
and send it to me ( bjonkman at sobac.com )

If you're a command-line weenie then use

 gpg --export 0xYOURKEYID > 0xYOURKEYID-public-key-for-YOURNAME.pgp

and send that file "0xYOURKEYID-public-key-for-YOURNAME.pgp" to me
(substitute your actual keyID and actual name as needed).

Of course, I'd prefer signed, encrypted e-mail, but public keys are
public (so encryption isn't necessary), and public keys should already
be self-signed anyway.

Unfortunately, if you're creating your keys for the first time at the
meeting you won't be able to send me anything now. You can still
participate in the vouching process, and we'll have an _in_formal
keysigning after the formal keysigning, where all you need to do is read
your fingerprint straight from your computer and those people who
already know you can sign your key.

I'm still working on the procedures for the formal keysigning; you can
see the work in progress (and contribute!) at


Thanx, and hope to see you next week!

--Bob, who is the Keymaster. Who will be the Gatekeeper?

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