[kwlug-disc] NAS in 2013

William Park opengeometry at yahoo.ca
Tue Nov 12 00:58:03 EST 2013

Depends how much you want to spend.  Cheapest and most flexible is just
a linux machine with enough bays for your disks.  I recommend "mdadm"
raid.  Other servers can just backup to a directory.

On Tue, Nov 12, 2013 at 12:34:26AM -0500, Paul Nijjar wrote:
> I may be interested in putting together a NAS box, and I am not sure
> what is good these days.  FreeNAS? OpenFiler? Something else? 
> The use case is to set up a backup server -- other servers will send
> their backups to this machine. For that reason I do not really want
> the redundancy of ZFS or btrfs. I think I want a bunch of drives
> (maybe even the hated WD Green drives, which we currently possess)
> that act as a bunch of disks, shared via NFS, SAMBA and iSCSI
> block devices. It is this last feature that makes me think of using
> one of these NAS distributions as opposed to a simple Debian box. 
> Suggestions? Corrections? Horror stories?

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