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Oh I don't think age had much to do with it, I'm only mid 40s and I remember how expensive those cards were (and I look sadly upon the fact that we recycle them sometimes in Computer Recycling). Still remember my first PC, it was an 8088 clone running a NEC V20 chip at a whopping 10MHz (no Linux there). I don't recall the motherboard manufacturer but remember that it had 640kb RAM and a 42MB hard drive (which seemed very big at the time). When I later jumped a generation and bought a 386 with 2MB RAM I tried running a multi-line bulletin board system using DesqView for the task switching, but whenever someone would call in on one line, the other would crash (I needed more RAM). Eventually I got things straightened out when I bought a 486 with 16MB RAM and OS/2 to do the multi-line processing, but by that time the Internet was making a mark and fewer people were calling BBS's.


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Bob's just a young lad.. I can remember my amazement at the Hercules Graphics card, which allowed me to emulate CGA onto a monochrome screen... Leisure Suit Larry never looked so good!

On 7 November 2013 02:06, Bob Jonkman <bjonkman at sobac.com<mailto:bjonkman at sobac.com>> wrote:
1024x768 matches the aspect ratio of the screen, and the "low"
resolution should make text in demonstrations appear bigger. So, seems
like a win to me.

--Bob, who remembers being happy to get four colours on his 640x480

On 13-11-07 01:15 AM, Paul Nijjar wrote:
> At this month's meeting we tried a new projector. This projector was
> donated to The Working Centre, and we would like to keep it onsite so
> that I do not have to carry a projector back and forth between
> buildings.
> Do you think the new projector is "good enough" for our meetings? I
> find the projector nice and bright, but the resolution is not so good
> (max 1024x768, which may be why it was donated).
> Comments are welcome.
> - Paul

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