[kwlug-disc] Joining wi-fi's?

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Mon Nov 4 21:21:39 EST 2013

Thanks all.

John - not sure if you should tell one of your pests we have wi-fi, or 
not. And could be a direct beneficiary of this question. (-:

I should have thought to ask in the original question ... when you've 
fired up the 2nd AP with the same SSID / password - keep the same 
channel, or does it matter? And, presumably, it doesn't matter if you 
use the same manu/model wi-fi router, but it could be helpful?

Also ... I'm guessing, thoughts appreciated - seems to me 5GHz isn't 
particularly prevalent, especially in a transitory user population 
(being a gym / meeting hall), but dual band 2.4GHz is becoming more so. 
So dual 2.4GHz antenna, sans 5GHz bands, useful / appropriate?

[I'm expecting to not use the WAN side, but could at need. Multiple DHCP 
server being really annoying.]

The wi-fi currently in place isn't reaching the far side of a gym 
(current AP is some feet / concrete walls from the side of the gym 
nearest to it), let alone beyond the far side of the gym. I was 
wondering if just firing up another AP was a reasonable solution. Such 
may also provide some redundancy if issues arise with the current AP.

Thanks for the terms, will have to do some googling.

On 13-11-04 12:57 PM, Richard Weait wrote:
> On Sun, Nov 3, 2013 at 1:39 AM, unsolicited<unsolicited at swiz.ca>  wrote:
>> If I wanted to expand the geographical coverage area of my wi-fi, how do I
>> go about doing that?
> Depends what you mean and what you want to do.
>> Just acquire a second AP, use an identical SSID, and just get on with my
>> day?
> I have this.
> As John says, the client seems to matter when it comes to the "hand
> off".  If I move from zone to zone my devices will eventually switch
> to the better AP.  Takes a couple of minutes, I think.  Or I can force
> them by turning client wifi off, then on again.
>> What are the terms used for this sort of thing / what would my google search
>> be?
> wifi multi ap
> brought up a few items.
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