[kwlug-disc] UPnP 'dropbox'/ftp download / sync equivalent?

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Tue May 7 20:43:07 EDT 2013

On 13-05-07 02:35 PM, Adam Glauser wrote:
> When I say "mount the camera", I mean "use djmount's filesystem driver to
> make it appear as if you mounted the camera", so as far as I can tell
> you're doing what you should be with djmount.

Thanks. Had to check. cd /mnt/place/device/...

> I've been primarily interested in media servers lately, so I forgot that
> UPnP sometimes means something else.

Yep, we just dated ourselves. I used it deliberately in the OP - we are 
thinking of the same thing.

Pretty soon it will all be DLNA, but as I understand it the world hasn't 
entirely gotten that far, yet. (But they're trying.)

> Maybe the camera is using something
> other than UPnP AV, which is a subset of the uPnP standard. djmount seems
> to only work with UPnP AV servers.

In this case, I only became (re)aware of UPnP because the camera was 
showing up in Windows networking and media centre as a net device, and 
vlc / playlist / Local Network / Universal Plug'n'Play started listing them.

The cam won't accept a smb / ftp connection, but will put out to them. 
Then I noticed it presents its files UPnP wise. Thus my search.

> I tried to get details from DLink's site using the link to the camera info
> from your first message, but it doesn't go in to detail about which parts
> of the UPnP protocol are supported. It does suggest that the camera can
> send video clips to an FTP server. Maybe that is a way to accomplish your
> goal?

File sizes are apparently sent smaller FTP than SMB. It will not send 
files to two places at once - e.g. local SD card and SMB. (It will send, 
with the right incantation, two different files - i.e. one of live 
footage / motion detection clip / movement log, in each of 2 directions 
- but you get into priorities and conflicts - if it's sending live 
footage one way, to send the clip the other would mean to interrupt the 
live footage ...

It's a wee little beastie and can only do one such thing at a time. 
Going to SD card, being local, will be the most pristine (fps wise). 
Since it can't push, I was hoping to pull.

> You may also be able to get more information by using a network traffic
> analyser to see what sort of data the camera is sending back when you
> browse it using whatever other UPnP client you have had luck with.

Yep, thought of that. I may be able to wireshark or tcpdump it, but I'll 
have zero idea what to do with or about it.

By everything I have seen, it should 'just work'. I must be missing 
something that with 20:20 hindsight will be stupidly obvious. No SSDP 
running, something blocking, something ...

Thanks for anything that occurs to you.

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