[kwlug-disc] UPnP 'dropbox'/ftp download / sync equivalent?

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Sat May 4 01:22:11 EDT 2013

I have managed to get to play with an IP camera, for the first time - a 
D-Link DCS-2132L 
['Hi-def' / 720p / 1280x800 , records to SD card, ...]

I would like to pull the sdcard files from it on the fly, in case the 
camera gets damaged or swiped mid-incident, but there's no ssh, ftp, 
http, etc. access to it.

Yet files can be pulled from it via UPnP.

Anyone know of anything that can pull files from a UPnP server en masse 
instead of by single file, click by click?

a la sync, or scp/ftp/rsync pull, scripted to run every minute sort of 

Even if I found the right wget URL to use, I don't see a way to get the 
list of files to then script the URLs for a wget loop to pull via.

Too bad it doesn't have an smb / ftp server to pull from, so I wonder if 
there's a UPnP equivalent utility.


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