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So it seems there's interest. If August is open I'll plan for then. How long should it be time wise? 

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On Wed, May 01, 2013 at 05:46:17PM +0000, chaslinux at gmail.com wrote:

> Is there interest in an XBMC media centre presentation? At home we
> use XBMC to play ripped media, Internet content, content from other
> devices (iPad and Android phone) as well as streaming audio and
> video to those devices (centralized media collection).

Are we still trying to alternate beginner-friendly presentations with
less-beginner-friendly ones? If not then August is available. If so
then November is available. 

I personally would really like to see some additional
beginner-friendly presentations, but I am not the boss of you (and
also it does not seem that people are that interested in offering
beginner-friendly presentations.) 

- Paul


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