[kwlug-disc] What's needed for OTA on a TV cart?

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Sun Mar 24 01:25:07 EDT 2013

For the TV gurus out there ...

At kwootcfri, K-W Out Of The Cold (kwootc.ca), Friday, we have a 
(analogue tube) TV on a cart. No cable. We play DVD's for the guests 
each Friday night. Corner of King & William, in Waterloo.

What might we need to be able to watch CKCO / news / whatever?

I'm guessing some sort of internal antenna (being on a wheeled cart, 
nothing could be mounted anywhere), and an ATSC tuner.

Being donation and volunteer based, any recommendations for the cheapest 
/ cost reasonable / value for reception ability / <stuff> needed?

Although we have wi-fi, I don't believe it would be practical to strap a 
PC to the cart and get content via the internet, but the idea is 
intriguing. Is there <stuff> to be had, out there? (It would have to be 
fire and forget, there's nobody around minding the channel / remote / 

(If you guess I know little about this topic, you'd be right.)


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