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> So, at 5 Mbps (avg.?, DSL?), that's, what,  5/8 MBps, so 10 GB should take
> 163,840 seconds to copy up, or 1.9 days. Best case.
> Oops, sorry, that's up, and residential service is usually asymmetric. So
> if 5/512 down/up, it's actually 19 days up to back it up.
> Sounds like one would want to be selective about how much goes up, given
> the durations involved.
> Having been selective ... where does the rest of your data go to be safe?
> Wouldn't an eSata drive, rsync'ed to from everywhere on the net, nightly,
> be more optimal?
> Or, what am I missing?

You only need to do it once. After that, only changes are pushed. I'm not
sure if it is rsync-like, or if whole modified files are pushed up. But you
don't need 19 days for every backup.

Personally, I use a rotating drive hotswap, because I've got more than
100GB. When you consider the cost of SpiderOak ($100/year/100GB), you can
buy a new 2TB hard disk and have 20 times that storage. And next year you
can replace or add on a new drive (3 or 4 TB?). Every year.

That said, I set my parents up on SpiderOak. They never connected the
external drive I gave them. Then the nas I gave them never got turned on
after a power outage. So that's one benefit of online backups, anyway.
Maybe next year I'll figure out how to get their machines to rsync to my

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