[kwlug-disc] rogers cable modem upgrade?

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Wed Jun 19 15:41:24 EDT 2013

Roger's paygo - $100/yr card. $8.33/month.
- no I don't use it much. I refuse to do data, let alone refuse to do 
e-mail on phone. Given wi-fi on my android, I don't miss it, either. Let 
alone osmand means even for gps/mapping I'm data independent.

- that $8.33 is even inclusive of an unfortunately necessary $3/month 
txt plan!

I used to have static ip, been dynamic (no-ip) for forever. Don't miss 
the static ip. Chas, you're still finding it useful?

- I don't even use the TV weather network any more. The web site, 
judicious links, is way more current, and only when I care to look. 
Favourite link, combined with an adblocker: 

Many can argue no phone need for anything but cell. Not sure I can argue 
with that. Let alone if I ever get busy and finally migrate to voip.ms - 
call control, anyone?

I watch little TV these days, except for news, and even then CKCO is 
available via digital adapter. Still curious about the whole internet TV 
'thing'. Let alone hulu via vpn. Will be sad when I move, still on basic 
cable, with no plans to change ... cold, dead, hands.


On 13-06-19 01:13 PM, chaslinux at gmail.com wrote:
> We pay for services from 3 different providers, so I thought I'd
> share.
> Internet 6Mb/s DSL from Teksavvy with the added $4.00/month static IP
> and a $9.99/month fee for dry loop. We have the 300GB/month transfer
> plan. For this we pay about $52/month (it was around $55 but we
> referred one person and Teksavvy recently dropped their price
> slightly)... Yup, not a price raise, but a drop.
> For phone we have Talkit.ca (VOIP). The first year it cost us $160,
> the second only $60/year. It's Canada-wide calling. If you want to
> call to the US or another country you have to use phone cards. I like
> Talkit because they have tech support in Spanish, so if I'm not home
> my wife can get help.
> For TV we're paying Rogers $49/month but all we ever really watch is
> the weather network and TLN (The Latin Network).
> Maria and I both have different cell phone plans from Wind Mobile.
> Together it costs us about $90/month. My wife is on the Canada/US
> unlimited phone/data plan.
> Hope this helps someone. Blog: http://www.charlesmccolm.com/ Sent
> from my cell phone.
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