[kwlug-disc] rogers cable modem upgrade?

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We pay for services from 3 different providers, so I thought I'd share.

Internet 6Mb/s DSL from Teksavvy with the added $4.00/month static IP and a $9.99/month fee for dry loop. We have the 300GB/month transfer plan. For this we pay about $52/month (it was around $55 but we referred one person and Teksavvy recently dropped their price slightly)... Yup, not a price raise, but a drop.

For phone we have Talkit.ca (VOIP). The first year it cost us $160, the second only $60/year. It's Canada-wide calling. If you want to call to the US or another country you have to use phone cards. I like Talkit because they have tech support in Spanish, so if I'm not home my wife can get help.

For TV we're paying Rogers $49/month but all we ever really watch is the weather network and TLN (The Latin Network).

Maria and I both have different cell phone plans from Wind Mobile. Together it costs us about $90/month. My wife is on the Canada/US unlimited phone/data plan.

Hope this helps someone.
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