[kwlug-disc] rogers cable modem upgrade?

Raul Suarez rarsa at yahoo.com
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John (and all)
Here is my sad/happy story, sad that we can't get proper pricing, happy that I got better pricing:
I called rogers saying I want to cancel because I was capped and I was paying overage chanrges. They offered me the 25 MB/s down, 2 MB up Unlimited for less than I was paying for my capped internet. 
Now I pay $60 including taxes.
I wonder how for how long I overpaid while I could have been paying the reduced rate.
I am ready to do the same with the Cable TV, after all, I have netflix $8 / month.
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Hi everyone 

I just been advised by Rogers to bring in my old cable modem for a new one or else.

Any opinions on the Rogers wireless cable modems? Are they good, or crappy?

Should I turn off my year old d-link and use their wireless?

Can I use the d-link as a wireless bridge with the Rogers Wireless?

Any nuggets of wisdom from your experience would be appreciated.



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