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Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2013 23:49:08 +0000
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Subject: [KwartzLab] Computer Science from the Top and Bottom

This email is going to people who have expressed interest in my CS
course, and also to the public KWartzLab list.

I have completed construction of the curriculum, and have obtained
permission to run it at the new KwartzLab location.

When: Wednesday Evenings starting at 19:00 EST, starting 2013-037 (6 February)
Where: 33 Kent St. (KWartzLab)
Cost: Free

If you have a laptop, it would be beneficial to bring it.  If your
laptop runs Ubuntu you should install gcc-arm-linux-gnueabi and
qemu-system.  Any install of an ARM assembler and bare-metal emulator
should be able to work (or an Ubuntu Virtual Machine with the above
packages installed).  I can help people out with such setup if help is

If you can't make a session, it may be beneficial to read the
corrosponding notes, but they are of varying levels of accesibility.
All notes are at <https://github.com/singpolyma/cs-top-and-bottom>.
Reading the notes is by no means a requirement for participation.

Questions and constructive heckling are a very important part of any
such class.  However, please be aware that Computer Science is an
amazingly big topic area.  There are areas that deserve one or more
courses of their own that I will not be covering, or will only by
touching on gently, including: lexing and parsing, automata theory,
physical contruction of machine internals, turing machines, cellular
automata, Operating Systems, Artificial Intelligence, cryptography,
mathematical logic, etc.  Additionally, I will not have time to cover
in full detail even the topics I do broach.  That said, I will not
refuse to answer any reasonable question (to which I know the answer)
or allow any reasonable discussion.

While this particular offering of the material will be targetted at
people already quite familiar with computing for reasons of timeline,
etc, the material is fairly introductory / generic in nature, in that
I attempt to cover primarily material of interest to all study of
Computer Science.

This event is open to the public, but I would appreciate hearing ahead
of time from anyone planning to come.

Hope to see you there.

Stephen Paul Weber, @singpolyma
See <http://singpolyma.netfor how I prefer to be contacted
edition right joseph

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