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Tue Jan 15 13:34:33 EST 2013

No worries on the networking John, I set it up / vetted it at one time, 
'though Mike has now put a different router / configuration than mine 
behind the church router. The church router is a TP-Link attached to 
business Roger's; the sub-router follows the basic layout of the one I 
put in prior, and is used to offer public access to the internet for 
church users - much like Paul's router at a kwlug meeting. (As opposed 
to internal church use which goes directly over the Rogers connected 
router.) This public use is little, so any additional overhead is no 
particular burden.

Mike, connect the sign to whatever point you can. It largely won't much 

My guess is you intend, or it only expects, to be able to connect to 
anything for configuration purposes. Do you have any expectation that it 
will regularly need access to the outside world (advertising?), or 
anyone other than yourself will regularly need to access it from off 

(If so, this is no different than we talked about if the internal server 
was set up so you could ssh into it from home. Opening up a port, as 
necessary, is trivial.)

Part of Mike's original question, at least until he gets a model number 
and manual in his hands, is what are the typical connectivity 
requirements of, and uses by, signs these days?

On 13-01-15 12:01 PM, Michael Savage wrote:
> Sorry about the subnet info.
> The router upstairs is connected to the internet via rogers.
> The router downstairs uses the office one as a gateway. Things on the
> other side of the downstairs router is on a subnet.
> Does that help?
> The open port at present for the sign is on the downstairs router.
> Mike
> On 15/01/2013 11:05 AM, John Van Ostrand wrote:
>> ----- Original Message -----
>>> I have to connect a sign to a computer network. A sketch to try and
>>> explain what I mean. This is the present layout.
>>> Internet
>>> |
>>> | Church Router (offices) Gateway
>>> | | | | | |
>>> | PC's Administrator's PC (Controls sign)
>>> |My router - Uses gateway to connect to internet only, for computers
>>> |on the main floor.
>>> | | | |
>>> PC's Open (for Sign)
>>> Is this possible? Or do I need more equipment etc.
>>> I was wondering if I need a switch between the church's router and
>>> mine to accommodate the sign.
>>> Church Router
>>> |
>>> Switch
>>> | |
>>> | My Router
>>> | | | |
>>> | PC's
>>> |
>>> Sign
>>> Or is there a better way.
>> You didn't include subnet information. I wonder if the Church Router
>> is a bridge supplied by the ISP or a full TCP/IP router. I don't like
>> the idea of double NATing traffic for a couple of reasons. It's more
>> overhead than needed and to open up a port for external access, like a
>> sign, it means twice the work and twice the problems.
>> You also have to be careful of conflicting IP address spaces. Routers
>> tend to use 192.168.x.x and many are 1.0 or 0.0 so the possibility of
>> having overlap is quite high.
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