[kwlug-disc] Cisco Router

Michael Savage msavage at golden.net
Tue Jan 15 10:10:46 EST 2013

I have to connect a sign to a computer network. A sketch to try and 
explain what I mean. This is the present layout.

| Church Router (offices) Gateway
     |            | | | |             |
     |            PC's            Administrator's PC (Controls sign)
     |My router - Uses gateway to connect to internet only, for 
computers on the main floor.
         |  |  |        |
         PC's *Open (for Sign)*

Is this possible? Or do I need more equipment etc.

I was wondering if I need a switch between the church's router and mine 
to accommodate the sign.

Church Router
|        |
|        My Router
|        | | |
|        PC's

Or is there a better way.

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