[kwlug-disc] Bundling HD's. LVM vs mdadm vs ???

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> On 13-04-11 09:17 AM, Khalid Baheyeldin wrote:
>> Is 3TB enough? Because there are reasonablly priced 3TB disks out
>> there.  I got two WD Green ones for backups.
> It has been reported in this list that WD Greens have been problematic /
> sleep issues.

Had them for a few months, and have not noticed anything.

> (I get you're popping a drive in and triggering a laptop
> backup, but these are 24x7 systems with automated replications happening
> every night. I prefer fire and forget. 24x7 as in on, not as in being
> constantly beaten to death 24 hours a day - although, given the number of
> backups flying about each night, that's debatable. )


I have them connected to the server using eSATA, and use dump to backup
stuff them one disk then the other daily, and another full level 0 dump
weekly, in addition to a weekly backup for stuff excluded from dump (mainly

Yes, they are not beaten constantly, just 30 minutes a day or so. So
different workload.

> Since space requirements only ever go up, and cases only hold so many
> drives (without additional expense), it seems prudent to be going with
> the largest capacity drives available at the time. (I bought 4 2TB
> drives not too many years ago, and now ... I'm looking for bigger ones
> already!)

But without N+1  for RAID 5 (software or hardware) or RAID 1 (full
mirroring), I can't see how you can do a 2TB + 2TB = 4TB without risking
losing data if one disk fails.

>  The trick is to use parted, with some trick that I forgot now (but
>> easily Googleable), because fdisk does see over 2TB.
> 2TB is still a limit anywhere in Linux these days!!!

No. Not anymore.

I have the 3TB drives with a 3TB partition and filesystem on it.

Basically, you use parted (not fdisk), and create a label as gpt.

See here


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