[kwlug-disc] Any point to a K-W LUG Google+ Community?

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Mon Apr 8 10:19:19 EDT 2013

Anybody see any point to a K-W Lug Google+ Community?

I sent out a circle to those of you I found, and there's a surprising 
number, but I suspect that isn't what I meant to do. (Apologies. Still 
grokking google+ / the google ecosystem.)

By sending out the circle, I expected the recipients could mutually 
share the circle of recipients, but I'm guessing what I actually did was 
merely give the recipients an opportunity to follow those kwlug'gers I 
had found. As individuals.

Moreover, there is nothing to limit the topics from such circle members 
to kwlug news / bits - although John's (dive) pictures are really good 
viewing! As are many others / posts.

I suspect what I'm thinking of is group kwlug chat on kwlug tidbits. 
Which I think is a google+ community, to which 'circle' members 
subscribe. kwlug specific bits can be sent, while not limiting senders 
to only their kwlug 'circle'. (Google Hangout seems to be the same, is 
time/ # members limited, but adds video.) Circle members and newcomers 
could also then find everybody in one shot / place.

Hangout seems pointless since the meetings are being videographed, 
anyways, but chat (google+ community) could be useful, for example, for 
in meeting presentation non-interrupting discussion, or question submission.

If there's interest in this, I'll create a Google+ Page to be the beacon 
/ owner of the Community and let the list know. Those interested could 
go and join, and/or I could invite those kwluggers I've come across thus 

The e-mail lists are 'limited' in their topics ('Linux', 'K-W', etc., 
<sort of>), and that's a good thing. Not sure if a Community should be 
similarly limited - I've generally found kwluggers to be 'good' people, 
making 'quality' posts. I've almost universally enjoyed their thoughts, 
pictures, humour, or good news.

Thoughts? I should create a Community? Posts should be limited (although 
there's no way to enforced it)? [Membership can be, but not posts.]

(Or confirmation / corrections of how google+ <stuff> works.)

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