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Jonathan D. Poole jpoole at digitaljedi.ca
Mon Nov 26 14:03:03 EST 2012

Hey Paul,

This is really a loaded, heavily competitive market question.  It really 
depends on your personal likes, and flexibility requirements.  You have your 
giants like amazon, rackspace.  They're based on openstack architecture. 
Then you others that are derivatives of openstack components like linode.

Myself, I run a vmware platform and do VPS hosting for pay as you go, and 
monthly commit customers.  So I may be a bit biased in my recommendations, 
but I have used aws, linode, and iweb/rackspace before for my own needs.  If 
you want some information, I'll send it to you if you are interested.

What's the terrifying concerns you have? are they based on security? or just 
that the internet is a dark scary place full of peddlers, liars, and 

Jonathan D. Poole
jpoole at boxfabric.com

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Bikeshed topic!

So we are seriously considering purchasing some VPS hosting. We have
lots of data (5-10GB) to store, but not much bandwidth usage (say 10GB
per month). We would be hosting Drupal and probably some custom web
development (hopefully all on the same VPS, unless it makes sense
financially to purchase separate ones). We would be looking for a
barebones Debian install that we can lock down and customize.

The two big players seem to be Linode and Rackspace (and I guess there
is Amazon EC2, but I am bigoted against Amazon). Of the two I am
falling for the Linode branding because its name is derived from
Linux, but that is an arbitrary emotional justification.

Of the two, is there one that is better?

There appear to be a lot of smaller players in the VPS space as well.
Should I be looking at some of them? If so then which ones and why?

I am apprehensive about going the VPS route because maintaining a
server on the Internet is terrifying. But I am not sure that shared
hosting is going to meet our needs so well either.

- Paul


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