[kwlug-disc] Panel Discussion: Earning a Living with FLOSS

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Sun Nov 18 00:11:09 EST 2012

Good news: we will be having a presentation in December, and it will
consist of the panel discussion on making a living with FLOSS. The
meeting blurb is here: http://kwlug.org/node/888

Please send any additions or corrections to me.

I am 90% sure that Andrew Berry will make it, but I did not get get
confirmation from him quite yet. We also have two other potential
panellists: Khalid (who also works in Drupal, and will come if it does
not conflict with his travel plans) and Andrew Cant (who works for
SugarCRM, and will come if he can make it on time). I will update the
blurb if I get confirmations from them.

I will be sending a short list of introductory questions to each of
the panellists once I have the panel confirmed, but you can pretty
much guess those introductory questions by reading the blurb. People
who are not on the panel should bring their questions, too.

I probably will invite people who are looking for jobs to the meeting,
so if we are lucky the attendance will be better than usual.

- Paul 

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