[kwlug-disc] OT: Dumb VoIP questions

Raul Suarez rarsa at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 25 22:31:11 EDT 2012

I'm with tigers and no issues with voip.Ms

If you have a POTS you don't need to sign for e911  unless you want to use your voip line for emergency calls.

E911 works differently than 911. 911 goes to a local dispatcher. E911 goes to a central that has the address associated with the voip line.

Paul Nijjar <paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca> wrote:

>Dumb Question 1: How does VoIP work over Rogers? Do they throttle or
>do other badness to third party VoIP traffic?
>Dumb Question 2: I have a POTS line and a VoIP line, using voip.ms . I
>set the Caller ID of the VoIP line to the POTS line. Do I need to sign
>up for E911 service on the VoIP line now? I signed up using the VoIP
>number, but when I tested the connection by dialing 1-555-555-0911 I
>was told that the test failed because the number (which was the Caller
>ID number) was not in the database. So I am confused. 
>- Paul
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