[kwlug-disc] Bone headed mysql question (conflicting databases)

Charles M chaslinux at gmail.com
Thu Mar 22 09:37:58 EDT 2012

I'm bumping into a mysql problem that I'm quite sure is simple and obvious,
but smacking my head against the wall as usual. I have 2 databases that
seem to conflict:

grant all on wordpress.* to 'myuser'@'localhost' identified by
grant all on drupal.* to 'myuser'@'localhost' identified by

What happens is that when I execute the second grant it seems to mess
up/deactivate the first database. If I then run the first grant on the
wordpress database the drupal database messes up/deactivates. Is it a
matter of needing to execute each database with a different username or not
using database.* (if not what then?)

Cheers and thanks.

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