[kwlug-disc] Yahoo / Thunderbird Windows Problem Solved

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Sat Mar 10 20:32:32 EST 2012

On 03/10/2012 6:33 PM, John Kerr wrote:
> Hi everyone
> Your poor friends who are using Windows and Thunderbird may be having
> a problem sending e-mail now.

And why might that be?

> A quick solution would be to get them
> on Gmail if you have not already and then show them how to switch to
> a gmail SMTP account.

Or Yahoo, or Live, or GMX, or ... just about anything not tied to an ISP.

> this Life Hacker article is what they need.
> http://lifehacker.com/111166/how-to-use-gmail-as-your-smtp-server

> This is not a problem in Linux.
> Of course.

And what has the OS to do with any of it?

And just a heads up ... gmail and anything (I suspect, definitely TB), 
is and can be a PITA - only in the sense that because gmail doesn't 
really use folders, using labels instead, (let alone things getting 
uncontrollably and automatically labelled as starred or important) 
things get placed into what appear to be folders such as important, 
starred, spam, trash, inbox, and so on, but they're actually just labels.

     So, you can delete something out of 'important' and it doesn't 
really go away. It just leaves the folder (getting that label removed), 
but still lies elsewhere. And some thing only appear in 'all mail' 
instead of 'inbox' and it's all very ... strange. Disconcerting even.

     To get around it all, I have a series of accounts (live, yahoo, 
etc.) that get auto-forwarded to gmail, and have gmail auto-forwarded to 
a real account. Just to get around the labelling nonsense.

     Which all just goes to show you how insidious non-standard 
implementations are.

In you have Android, it seems that the Google Ecosystem that surrounds 
it brings so much functionality that one (sadly) puts up with gmail. 
(Cursing all the while.)


Oh, and finally, ... there's always webmail, in a pinch. Not OS 
dependent, not browser dependent, and heck, not even your own device 
dependent. Sit down anywhere there's a computer ... and just get on with 
your day.

P.S. Have as many e-mail addresses as you like, including one per web 
site. http://mailnull.com/, worth checking out.

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